Spring Summer Fashion Trends For 2022

The streets may still be full of women and men in jumpers and coats, but the sun is already gleaming on the catwalks. Top designer brands have given us the heads up when it comes to the new trends for this years spring summer season. We've put the fashion forecast together for you here with our favourite looks and inspirations!

The colours to wear this spring-summer 2022

The change of season every year will always also bring a change in our colour palettes. The good weather, sunshine and heat invites us to more neutral and lighter colours, which at the same time brighten up our looks. These two colours will be your energy boost for the coming months.
Very Peri - THE PANTONE COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2022! Is a unique shade of purple that encourages creativity and imagination and is a fusion of a dynamic peri (winkle) blue and a vivid violet-red undertone. The faithful and reliable blue blends with the vibrancy of red to create an energising new hue. You will find this colour everywhere very soon. Designers like Valentino are already adding this tone to pleated maxi dresses and satin finish tops. We encourage you to go ahead and try it in your spring-summer styles.

How to wear Very Peri this season?

If you are not used to this shade, you can try styling it in small pieces and accessories - top tip - combine this colour with neutral tones to test the look. You can shop all of our spring/summer accessories here
Ever-flattering red - The colour that best represents passion, strength and love is here to stay. Shades of red will always come back into trend each year so this is a staple colour to invest in this year (to tie you over for a lifetime) Choose a red that suits you according to your complexion to make the most of your styling this season. Take this Marbella Block Print Dress In Rose as your inspiration!

How to wear Red this season?

Red will take the centre of the stage to your outfit, whether you wear a total red look or just some added accessories. Lulu-Guinness, Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors adore this colour and have already given it a well-deserved place in their spring-summer collections this season.

Clothing items that will be trending in spring-summer 2022


If you don't already own any crochet items, you may want to invest in a style and add a bohemian flair to your spring-summer looks.

How to wear crochet this season?

Spring-summer, crochet comes in various versatile items. Crochet jumpers, dresses and shorts will be everywhere this spring, in a range of colours and styles. Whether it's a little breezy or a glorious sunny day where you live, this texture will give your outfits a very flattering boho touch. We have an exclusive range of crochet focussed styles here


Satin has been around for so long, and it's going no where for now. Silky, shiny and subtle, satin is perfect for every hour of the day, no matter where you're going, or how casual or formal you are dressed.

How to wear satin this season?

We recommend going for a midi/maxi skirt or dress for a formal look, or go for a satin top or blouse to casual it up with some trainers or sandals and your favourite jeans or trousers. 

Trendy prints for spring-summer 2022


Vertical stripes come with the ultimate promise of completing and finishing any formal look this season. They aren't just trending in the fashion world, but also very flattering for your silhouette - with any piece! Top tip - its colour mix brightens your facial features. Hayley is wearing the new striped oversized batwing shirt in navy which really makes her facial features pop! 

How to wear stripes this season?

Vertical stripes are the ultimate must have due to their versatility. They work perfectly for any casual look like pairing an oversized stripe shirt that can also be worn as a jacket.

Traditional Floral Prints

Flowers blooming and spring go together and so do flowers and fashion this season. They are fab at adding movement and femininity to your looks, especially maxi dresses and blouses.

How to wear floral this season?

Shop Emma's dress here

If you aren't a floral person or want to try something new and trendy, apart from the staples mentioned above you can incorporate floral print in accessories such as earrings, shoes, jackets and coats as inspired by top designer Dolce&Gabbana. Here's our cute pastel earrings that are sure to stay in season, yet make a subtle approach to the trend.
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Written by Georgia Rose

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