Do You Think Women's Cardigans are Stylish or Dowdy

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Christmas will be upon us before we know it. Some people are eagerly counting down, and others think it is still too soon to be thinking about Christmas, but you can’t deny that after an unseasonably warm October, it is quite refreshing to have a spell of season-appropriate weather.

With this new chilly weather setting in, it is the perfect excuse to hunt for some new cosy items to keep you warm. As women, we seem to favour cardigans more than men, and there is nothing easier than throwing on a comfy woolly cardigan that goes with everything, so you know you have a few reliable options for colder weather.

Cardigans are a popular cover-up throughout the year, but some people still feel that women’s cardigans can be a bit frumpy or dowdy. As with most fashion items, the choice is so wide and varied that you are sure to find a style or shape to suit you, leaving you feeling stylish rather than unfashionable.


Long Wool Mocha Cardigan – made in France

This thick wool cardigan is perfect for keeping you warm, but long waterfall style is also on trend at the moment, along with the seasonal mocha colour. This cardigan is certainly far from frumpy and firmly stylish and could easily be thrown on over jeans and a t-shirt for some weekend errand running, or it would look lovely with black trousers and a blouse for the office.


Fluffy Grey Cardigan – made in France

This women’s cardigan could not be anymore cosy. This is perfect as a festive addition to your wardrobe, and will certainly add interest to any outfit. It is the perfect piece to show off a bit of glamour on a night out or a festive party, and would look great paired with a black jumpsuit and stand-out heels.


Plum Floral Kimono Cardigan – made in France

Kimonos really made a splash in the fashion world this summer, but that doesn’t mean they have to be relegated to the back of the wardrobe for the winter. This plum colour kimono lends itself to the festive season, and the fringe adds another level of interest. This might be a cardigan choice for milder days that aren’t so frosty, but it would look great with almost any outfit, and you can continue wearing it when the weather warms up.


Grey Wool Stripe Gilet Cardigan – made in France

This is not a cardigan in the traditional sense, but it will still provide warmth and comfort on colder days. Similarly to the kimono, the gilet has become an increasingly popular item of winter clothing, and this particular piece will lend some classic elegance, without feeling ‘puffed out’ or frumpy. This gilet would look great paired with a long sleeved top, jeans, and knee high tan boots, for a perfect winter outfit. 

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