Finding the Perfect Little Black Dress

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If you were to take a look at every woman’s wardrobe, it is safe to say that the majority of them would contain a black dress. This piece of clothing has become iconic, and is the go-to dress for any occasion when you cannot think of anything else to wear. 

Black is a classic colour, and a plain black dress is the perfect blank canvas to add your own spin to. Wearing a black dress with a cardigan and boots makes the perfect winter outfit, wearing it with black tights and a smart jacket makes a great office outfit, and wearing it with killer heels and a sparkly, statement necklace creates the ultimate night-out outfit. 

A simple black dress can be suitable for casual day to day wear, as well as nights out, or more formal occasions such as parties or proms. The term ‘little black dress’ lends itself to so many different styles and cuts of dress, that almost everyone is certain to find one that they love, whether that is a skater style dress, a shift dress, a body-con dress, a maxi dress, or any other style dress that suits you. 

This is one of the key things to finding the perfect little black dress; always stick to the styles you are comfortable with. You might like the idea and look of a body-con black dress, but if you feel uncomfortable or self conscious when wearing it, then you should opt for a different style. Similarly, deciding on a long-sleeved dress might mean that you feel over or under dressed, depending on your preference. The most important thing is to choose something you feel comfortable in.

When searching for the perfect little black dress, it is also worth considering its enduring appeal. A little black dress is usually a pretty safe style choice, but it could pay to keep an idea for some quirkier style elements. You might be attracted to these at the time of purchase, but in a few years, will you still be happy to wear it? Lace is popular addition to a lot of clothing at the moment, and is quite a classic style, so you could be safe there, but choosing a velvet type of material could be a bit risky further down the line. Similarly, swing shape dresses are popular at the moment, but it is not a particularly classic shape, so you might want to be wary of that. Fashion trends and styles are constantly changing, so it is worth keeping in mind when finding your little black dress, especially if it is an investment piece. 

Hunting for a little black dress may seem slightly tedious – how different can black dresses be? – but there are so many different styles and cuts to be found, not to mention a myriad of ways to style them, that it is worth devoting some time to. 

Here are a few of our favourite Victoria cheong little black dresses made in France.


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