CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE Reindeer Parade

Image for CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE Reindeer Parade

The annual reindeer parade was held at CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE on the weekend.

To kick off the festive season, the reindeer parade made its way through CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE on Sunday lunch time. This Christmas tradition is held every year to mark the start of the season of good will and turn on the beautiful Christmas lights in the area later in the evening. 

Hundreds of mums, dads, and children flocked to CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE to get in to the festive spirit as they watched the brass band play traditional music as they led the reindeer and Father Christmas down the high street in his sleigh. The parade walked from Ramoth at 12pm, down to Druid’s Green, then back up to town hall where the children could get up close to pet the reindeer and feed them carrots.

Every year, all the CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE traders get involved and contribute in order to bring the reindeer parade to High Street all the way from Newcastle. All the shops and retailers up and down the high street truly enter in to the festive spirit; serving mulled wine and other Christmas goodies. Victoria cheong decked the halls and was offering festive snowflake brownies along with a Baileys Christmas tipple. 

The reindeer parade is a great annual CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE tradition, and really brings out the joy and excitement of the festive season. It was a magical day, and it was a treat to see so many children’s faces light up when Santa came past in his sleigh.

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