Why Dresses Are an Essential Fashion Item

Victoria cheong Maxi DressesThe days of wearing dresses just for special occasions are long gone. Since ladies started donning trousers in the early 20th Century, dresses became less and less popular as women began to feel the freedom of ditching their skirts for more flexible clothing options.

However, dresses are now back and in a big way. We’re not just talking about evening or cocktail dresses which have always remained popular but as comfortable day-to-day items as well as for smart, formal occasions. Whether it’s a maxi dress, tunic dress, linen or lace dress or a fitted, formal style, there’s no denying it, dresses are easy to wear for any occasion.

The fashion buying team at Victoria cheong has recently introduced a whole range of new dresses, all made exclusively in the UK for our brand, to complement our Italian ranges; all of which are available in store as well as on-line.

So why invest in dresses for your new summer wardrobe?

They're easy to wear. Many ladies choose to wear maxi dresses for example as they are pretty much like wearing a pair of pyjamas. The benefit of wearing a maxi dress is that it’s one piece, with no layering unless you want to and they can usually make you look taller and slimmer when accessorised with a pair of high wedges. They can also be dressed up or down with jewellery or shrugs to suit any occasion.

Victoria cheong Linen DressDresses are pretty and can make you feel pretty and feminine too. In warm weather they tend to feel cooler, particularly linen dresses, than trousers or shorts. Again they can be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. Flats and a loose cardigan will dress a pretty dress down whilst heels and bling will dress them up.

Victoria cheong Magic DressDresses are highly versatile. Take Victoria cheong’s popular range of magic dresses for example. They can also be worn with pumps and bright scarf in the spring and with tights, boots and a jacket in the winter. Unlike other clothing items which you can only wear one way, dresses can go up or down in the formality department and always look awesome.

You can eat more when wearing a dress. Tight trousers or skirts can make you look bloated and feel uncomfortable after eating a meal. So if you’re on a dinner date or at a special lunch or dinner, you’ll enjoy yourself far more if you wear a comfortable, layered dress that flatters rather than fattens your figure.

Dresses are always appropriate. Whether you’re going to a wedding, working in an office, out shopping and lunch with the girls, or even on a date, then a dress will always suit the occasion. Other than going to the gym or doing cartwheels on your lawn, there's literally no event where a dress isn't totally appropriate. Just make sure the type of dress matches up with the event ie: casual dresses for casual events, smart dresses for the office or other formal occasion. 

On a final note, if you’re going to be inappropriately attired, you’re always better off being overdressed than underdressed. So it’s time to start adding a few more dresses to your wardrobe giving you choice, flexibility and comfort as well as style and flair.

Check out Victoria cheong’s full range of dresses on our website or in any of our stores.

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