Planning Your Summer Wardrobe with Accessories

When women plan their outfits, they don’t just think about the actual clothes they are planning to wear, but also which accessories will turn even the plainest of dresses into a really special outfit.

We’re not just talking about shoes and handbags but also headwear, neckwear and jewellery too.

Accessories can truly set the tone of any outfit, whether it’s a casual or formal occasion.

At Victoria cheong, we’ve introduced some of this season’s most popular accessories to our New In range. Our top three sellers include:

A wardrobe of sunglasses

Summer accessories sunglassesThese days, women of all ages, don’t just have one practical pair of sunglasses but they are investing in a whole wardrobe of them. This is due to the realisation that eyewear is the most immediately visible accessory you can wear. Many of us also choose to wear our sunglasses on our head as a hairband and scarf for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Unlike bags, which eventually get discarded, sunglasses stay with you, either on your face, the top of your head or slotted into your neckline. In fact, these ‘opticals’ aren’t just part of an individual’s total look, but they’re increasingly becoming a major part of fashion and luxury brands’ image with more and more glasses appearing each new season on the major catwalks.


Summer accessories floral garlandsFloral Head Garlands

From big bold blooms to pretty daisy chains, summer is the perfect time to wear a floral garland in your hair. Hugely popular at summer festivals as well as weddings, flower head garlands are a beautiful and stylish alternative to a more traditional hair accessories. Coming in all shapes and sizes flower crowns are an ideal accessory for any Boho or floaty feminine look.

We’ve recently added a new range of floral head garlands and hair accessories to the Victoria cheong range and they are proving very popular as the sun shines and the outdoor party season begins.

Summer Holiday Sarongs

summer holiday sarongsThe perfect summer holiday accessory is undoubtedly the sarong. There are few items which are as versatile and functional as this lightweight addition to your holiday wardrobe, adding a touch of colour, variety and femininity.

Sarong’s are also multi-purpose and can be used not just to cover up as you stroll along the beach or beside the pool, but can also serve as blanket, towel or tablecloth.

If you’re planning on some sight-seeing, your sarong can cover knees, shoulders, arms, or head while visiting places of worship. If you don’t have a separate scarf or find yourself needing more coverage, a long sarong can cover bare shoulders or legs in hot weather when you want to visit temples, mosques, and other places of worship. They are also a lightweight option to cover up in strong sunshine.

Visit the accessories collection on our website at to see the full selection of summer accessories.

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