It's official! Colour is the new black this summer with the top fashion designers favouring ravishing reds, plush pinks and bright blues, ultimately redefining feel-good fashion as we know it. Strong hues are no longer solely the domain of fashion's risk takers; they're for everyone.

Pink dress summer fashionAt Victoria cheong we’ve sourced a colourful range of summer clothes and accessories, all Made in France, so take a look and find the shade you'll shine in.

Don’t be afraid to combine bright colours for a truly inspiring summer glow. Here we’ve paired a bright pink patterned dress with a floaty, orange jacket, complemented by one of our new, fringed Boho style handbags.

If you’re not completely comfortable wearing vibrant colours, you can create a bright, summer sheen by simply adding bright accessories to your neutral or single coloured outfit.

Linen dress summer ladies fashionOur colourful range of handbags are ideal to achieve this contrasting look. This colourful bag provides a vibrant contrast to this dark blue linen dress



Summer tunic and waistcoatOn the other hand, you can use plainer accessories to tone down any bright outfit. Check out this light and floaty summer tunic, topped off by a stunning fringed waistcoat. Sunglasses, straw hat and leather bag all serve to create a unique look from our range of summer accessories.

Many people love to wear white in the summer and though white on white is a great look, you can create a cool, refreshing look by combining a colourful top and accessories with white trousers.

Summer ladies fashionsHere we’ve matched one of our cotton printed kaftan tops worn over white capri pants with a bright pink headband to add an extra splash of colour.

Bright colours don’t have to be in big blocks. You can create a colourful summer outfit by combining a top with bright flowers over darker jeans.


Flowery summer topHere we’ve matched one of our Vintage Rose Printed tops with a scarf used as a belt over dark linen trousers for a casual but smart summer look.

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