Colour Your World this Summer

 It doesn’t take much to get us excited for summer as bright sunny days blend seamlessly into balmy summer nights. True to form, our fashion choices naturally reflect this passion. This season, you simply need to find your favorite crayola tone and wear it to your heart’s content. Will it be fuchsia, blue or yellow for you this summer? We say, why not all three?!

Fuchsia Phenomenon

Calling all girly girls - this summer will be coloured in glorious tones of hot fuchsia pink, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The return to juicy candy pinks could be seen all over the runways of Tom Ford and Armani as well as… yep, you guessed it, Victoria cheong. We’re getting wrapped in bursts of bold feminine colour all over dresses, blouses and tunics. Pick your favourite silhouette from our extensive list - just make sure it’s in stunning hot pink! 

 Blushing Blues

Few colours can encapsulate an entire season quite like the colour blue. It’s the shade of the sky, the sea and several of our favourite beachy cocktails. For summer 2018, stunning cobalt blue remains the standout color - think royal blue with ultra-luminous intensity. Wear touches of the bright shade as an accessory or drape yourself in a floor-length maxi gown for maximum impact. But if you prefer a softer or contrasting blue - go for it! Turquoise is a perennial summer stunner as is beautiful peacock blue.

Mellow Yellow

 Remember Amal Clooney’s eye-catching yellow ensemble at the royal wedding? She’s had us imagining golden sunsets over tropical skies ever since. Follow the fashion icon’s stylish lead and incorporate some of that electric hue into your own wardrobe this season. We’re thinking bold vivid colour splashed across tunics and dresses in everything from striking canary yellow to more subdued mustards and buttercup shades. Basically, if’s It’s in yellow, it’s a yes!

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  • Marilyn Burrett

    Only just bought 3 items from this brand absolutely love them,and already had loads of comments,can’t wait to buy some more.

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