Getting to know accessories.

Scarves, handbags and jewellery are all accessories that play an important part in the international fashion world.  Most importantly, the addition of accessories to your own wardrobe can make or break that new autumn outfit.

The great thing about accessories is that you can create your own style by mixing and matching styles and colours for any occasion.  For the Autumn season at Victoria cheong we have introduced a new range of stunning accessories to help  you complete your own, individual seasonal look without breaking the bank.


Handbags are generally deemed to be for practical purposes; how else would you be able to carry around your purse, credit cards, make up, keys, tissues, diary and all the other essential items we ladies can’t seem to leave the house without?  But a hand bag can also make a huge fashion statement.  For example, you can turn a plain khaki jacket into a modern, stylish look by adding a bright pink bag and co-ordinated scarf.   Try the same approach with a practical, lightweight grey mac by adding a warm leather shoulder bag; and nothing looks smarter than a navy woollen jumper contrasted with a tan handbag and matching scarf.

ladies handbags


Traditionally scarves were worn by men and ladies alike to keep their necks and faces warm.  Today, a pretty, colourful scarf is one of the most popular fashion accessory in fine fabrics like silk and cotton as well as winter versions in wool and cashmere.

Scarves are very versatile and can make or break an outfit as they have become a fashion statement in themselves. We’re not talking about the stripy woollen scarves that your granny knits! Oh no, we’re talking about smart, luxury scarves that will turn a plain outfit into a stunning one.  And with the growing popularity of wraps which many ladies use as an extra layer of clothing as well as a fashion accessory, you would be foolish not to add a few key items to your new autumn wardrobe.

Scarves can be worn with coats, jackets, jumpers, dresses, shirts…. In fact with virtually any outfit you choose.   And they can be tied in many ways too; loosely draped around your neck or more like a wrap over the shoulders and with a scarf, anything goes.

Our new range of autumn scarves have been introduced to suit all ages, styles and colour combinations.  For example,  you can brighten up a denim look with the vibrant, colourful Deena scarf.  Alternatively, you can contrast muted browns and creams with a brightly checked Lorraine style wrap.  Accessorise a lovely, snug camel coat with the subtle colours of our Irina scarf range.


ladies scarves

This is just small selection of the new scarves and wraps that we have introduced this autumn to help  you to create a unique and special outfit with the addition of a simple accessory.


No matter if you like dainty gold necklaces, bright jewels, lots of sparkle, plain silver, beads, charms, or a mixture of them all, you can always find something to suit your taste. Accessories are designed to be an extension of your style; another way to display your individuality.

Necklaces are one of the most popular types of jewellery, and with good reason. Necklaces are easy to grab and put on without much thought, but there is much more to accessorising with a necklace than you think.

Thin and dainty necklaces like our Cut Out Heart Necklace can be worn on a day-to-day basis – almost everyone knows someone that wears the same necklace every day and never takes it off. They can be relied upon to add a tiny bit of sparkle and interest to any top, dress, shirt, or jacket, and often have a special meaning behind them. With necklaces as lightweight as these, you don’t have to worry too much about matching silver to gold or picking out colours, but you can add variety by layering a number of different necklaces of differing length.

Long necklaces such as our silver Leaf necklace can also be worn on their own. Long ‘pendant’ necklaces are great for adding a more subtle element of style. They often go well with plain coloured tops of dresses to add a contrasting level of interest, but can be worn with both casual and more formal styles. Statement necklaces are also a lot more versatile than people think. ‘Statement’ like this Rustic Pendant doesn’t always have to mean loud and sparkly, but can just mean something that stands out for you.


ladies necklaces

For details of more of the Victoria cheong accessories introduced this season visit our website.

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