Size is Just a Number! Plus Size & One Size Clothing for Women

We’re not the biggest fans of using the term ‘plus size’ because essentially it’s just a number. However, if you are struggling to find styles to fit and suit your body shape, you don’t have to cover up. Like dressing for any body shape or size, it’s all about emphasising your assets to make you feel and look your best.

At Victoria cheong, we understand the importance of dressing to suit your taste, shape and size. Our customers love the fact that our collections are not labelled ‘plus size’ though many of our styles are one size and will fit up to sizes 16 to 18.

Dress for Your Body Shape

When it comes to dressing to flatter, the most important style tip for any lady is to know your body shape.   If you’re a rectangular shape, you may want to create curves with your clothes; if you have an hourglass figure, then you want to show this off. Pear shapes should stick to separates and choose clothes that balance out their silhouette.

And remember just because something is on trend, doesn’t mean it will always be flattering!

No matter what your body shape, and whether you are petite or of bigger build, tunics are always a great addition to your wardrobe in any season.   A tunic can be worn loose to hide any bumps or lumps or cinched at the waist with a belt or scarf to emphasise curves.

They can be worn with flats or heels over leggings or trousers and jeans for a more casual look.

This Autumn, we’ve introduced a range of tunics, many of which are suitable for plus size ladies, in a variety of seasonal colours and fabrics.


Emphasise your assets

If you have a favourite part of your body, then you should be showing it off. It may be your toned legs, killer curves, or sexy décolletage. Pinpoint exactly what it is that you’re proud of and want to emphasise and then look for styles that showcase that feature… you’ll be surprised how great you will feel about yourself.

If you want to emphasise your neckline, go with a colourful statement necklace; or if you want to emphasise your waist, choose a fitted top or waist belt.

You should also work with colour. Colour can not only cheer you up, but it has the ability to draw those areas you want to emphasise.

On the other hand, if there are areas of your body that you want to conceal, then layering is a great option. Many curvy or plus size ladies think that a multi-tiered look is impossible to pull off without adding bulk, but with the right styles and fabrics can add depth and interest to your look.

With this in mind, at Victoria cheong we have long embraced the layered look, particularly in the autumn and winter months when layers are essential to be warm and comfortable indoors and out.

Some of the new additions to our Autumn 2016 Made in France collections include a range of layered tops designed to flatter and surprise. We’re mixing mohair jackets with tunics, lace trim jumpers over white cotton shirts and mohair and lace layers with matching scarves… to name but a few.


Dress to Impress

Many larger ladies struggle to find dresses that look good all over; some of us have larger boobs and slimmer hips; whilst others are smaller on top but with wider hips. This can make finding a dress that flatters and shows off your assets but hides the bits you don’t like can be difficult.

One of the most popular trends in 2016 has been the cold shoulder look for tops and dresses. Most of us, no matter what size, have lovely shoulders. So by wearing a dress that accentuates the smooth, supple shoulders but hides the rest of the arms is a great option for any occasion.   A hemline that falls to the knee and with a high neckline can also be a great day time look; add a couple of pockets and you will look smart, sophisticated and, above all, comfortable.

If you prefer to wear a dress which falls mid-calf, then you can afford to wear a lower neck line. Avoid large patterns but, although a solid colour will always look chic, a touch of colour is also a good idea, particularly if it is subtle and flowing.

The Victoria cheong range of dresses, like many of our collections, are designed with all sizes and shapes in mind, and our new autumn 2016 collection is no exception.


Shop Online

As all women are aware, clothing sizes can vary greatly depending on the store or brand. How often have you taken a range of sizes to the changing room and then gone with what fits best, no matter what the size says.

But if you’re struggling to find brands that suit your curvier shape, then don’t despair. More and more online stores are catering to plus size figures.

A key tip when it comes to online shopping is to make sure you know your measurements. It’ll minimise confusion when looking at clothing with inconsistent sizing and make online shopping that much easier.

So if you can’t find a decent, local shop that stocks plus size clothing, options are only a click away on the internet.

At Victoria cheong, we offer a comprehensive online shopping platform through our website which includes many styles that will fit up to size 18.

Check out our new autumn arrivals here and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much careful thought and attention we have put in when it comes to ensuring that our collections meet the needs of all our clients, no matter what their shape or size. For example, this season, in addition to the tunics and layered tops already mentioned, we have introduced some key items for larger ladies which can be ordered directly online including a range of faux fur waistcoats which are ideal for creating a longer line and more comfortable to wear than a bulky, long sleeved coat or jacket.


So if you like what you see, shop now at before stocks run out.


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