Summer Solstice

Summer solstice sale

So the longest day is upon us and we are halfway through the year. Can you believe it? Before we know it, it will be Christmas and we will all be unwrapping those cheesy woollens and slimming into the perfect New Year’s Eve party dress, again!

So far so good, the weather has been kind and the tan has been topped up ready for the summer holidays. But blink and it will all be over, the rain will be back, your skin fading and your razor wondering what it did to offend you!

So now is the time to make the most of it.

It’s the longest day, the most daylight we will get for another year. Whether your celebrating with a party, dancing barefoot around a bonfire, heading for a henge or simply making the most of the evenings to sort the garden, dig up the weeds and down the Prosecco, there’s simply no excuse not to do it in style, especially now we have added lots of new lines to our summer madness sale.

Make the most of the discounts and be a festival top sensation, a clever casual or a cool tropical cruiser with our great selection of day and evening wear. Clever tops and tunics that are easy to wear, easy to dress up and more importantly easy to pack.

Embrace your inner boho, be bold and be quick. The sun won’t be blazing forever, and the clothes on the sale rail will certainly be disappearing with these amazing discounts

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