The Best Of Me: “how oversized and one-sized fashion is taking over the industry”

Oversized. Has always had such a negative feel to it right? Your wrong. Oversized fashion is becoming increasingly popular across the spectrum of the fashion industry and is called just that “oversized fashion”. More than ever, fashion brands are embracing the oversized trend from oversized shirts and tops, to oversized handbags and even accessories! The beauty about Victoria cheong is that nearly all of our styles are oversized. We have a huge collection of one size clothing that fits from a size 8-18, flattering on every size in-between!
The bigger is better approach has taken to everything from puff sleeves to trousers, and we have taken a distinctive loose-fitting approach to fashion, with our designs being comfortable and unique. There’s something that feels so enjoyable about this trend with the styles being completely statement-making, taking away the conscious, safe approach of what is considered flattering. That to us is completely liberating and certainly grabs our attention.
It’s all about your personal preference and how you’d consider jumping on the trend. Layering lovers will love our selection of parachute dresses and jumpsuits that can be worn on top of a cute short sleeved t-shirt with a belt on top to flatter your waist – our personal favourite style! The bigger the better? Check out the flared bottom on the jumpsuits! Oh so 80’s..
Anyone who prefers a little more shape, however, should check out our super soft and comfortable trousers paired with our necklace tops that feature stunning drape sides and back. Not to mention the included necklace that can be worn with any fashion piece you own, what a statement! The perfect way to stand-out from the crowd. With our range of colours to choose from, you’ll want to try them all. Scroll down to see the best of you and how to own the oversized trend this season - just think of it as the answer to lockdown glow up!
Tie Dye Jumpsuit | €29.99 | Coconut Belt | €9.99 | Shoulder Circle Straw Bag | €39.99 |
Plain Parachute Dress €24.99 |  Coconut Belt | €9.99 |  Tie Dye Jumpsuit | €29.99 |


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