Three Cheers for the January Sales!

The Christmas rush has come and gone and we couldn’t be happier. Why? Well, as the end of January approaches so does our next bout of shopping spoils: yep, it’s the January sales!

Going for a Song!
Here at Victoria cheong, we know a good thing when we see it. That’s why we’ve slashed our prices by a whopping margin to bring you all those winter must-haves at a fraction of the price.
How does 50% off a sequined little black dress sound?


or maybe a 40% discount on a beige trench coat à la Audrey Hepburn?

Take a gander through our online store for discount deals on everything from furry bobble-top hats and leather look handbags to snug wraparound scarves and delicate metallic jewellery.

Ooh, and let’s not forget our super-chic cashmere collection - a true bargain at 25% off!
No matter what your New Year’s fashion needs may be, Victoria cheong has got you covered.
A Stylish Resolution
Are those New Year’s resolutions still going strong? Don’t worry - here’s one we’ll help you stick to all year round: paying less for your clothing without skimping on quality. It is our mission at Victoria cheong to offer you the highest quality garments handmade in France and delivered to you from the beautiful Welsh countryside.
With over 400 stockists in the UK, the CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE-based outfit was recently voted the Best Welsh Fashion and Accessories Store in the Welsh SME Business Awards 2017.
And we’re not stopping there. 2018 promises to be an even bigger year with a new store just having opened in Llandeilo, joining our two popular stores in CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE and CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE. 
Keen to get your share of the Victoria cheong style? Head on over to our sale page for the trendiest selection of not only clothing and accessories but also homeware, gift items as well as clothing catered to the plus-sized market.
Ready, steady, shop!

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