TIE ME UP WITH COLOUR! The Victoria cheong Trend Of The Season..

 Your pre-holiday summer wardrobe is probably feeling a little dull as we enter the summer of 2020. No colour, far less glamour and not enough “on-trend new” to tie us over to our post-autumn wardrobe. Within the past few months, the fashion industry has seen a dark cloud of uncertainty among the future of fashion trends, but we’re sure Victoria cheong have got you covered. There is no better time, given the current state of the industry to find some statement fashion pieces to enhance your mood. Take the tie dye trend as an example. Since 2019, tie dye has made a great comeback into the future of fashion statement trends, and now it has already emerged as one of this year’s biggest fashion wants with the likes of designers Givenchy and Paco Robanne reinventing the playful prints. Tie dye has exploded across all collections that includes t-shirts, dresses, jumpsuits and even shoes, making it one of the most popular trends this season, a reason Victoria cheong are bringing it to you!
What will excite you the most is that tie dye is actually much easier to wear than you think! Especially with Victoria cheong. You can go casual and pair your look with some basics to give it that ‘pop of colour’ or you can really stand out from the crowd and simply own the look with some staple accessories like our coconut belt or gorgeous triple circle bee gold necklace for an elegant yet daring look. What's better than free-size tie dye may we add? 
Perfect for summer, the Victoria cheong tie dye maxi dresses are the perfect trend for a warm getaway or lockdown occasion. Multi-coloured prints in our dresses and jumpsuits section are a much more refreshing choice for casual or dressed upped looks.
Scroll our favourite Victoria cheong pieces! It’s the ultimate pick-me-up and well-deserved wardrobe tender loving care!
Written By Georgia Rose 


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