What should you be wearing this Spring?

It may not feel like it weather-wise but at the end of this month, the clocks spring forward and we’re into a new season.  When it comes to fashion buying, we have been planning our new Spring designs since the end of last year.  The major European fashion houses set the trends and, like any fashion company, we study these trends before finalising our own collections.  However, we also know our clients and the designs that they love to wear.  So when it comes to choosing our seasonal styles, we keep an eye on what’s trending as well as being conscious of our customers’ tastes and desires.

In this blog we’re highlighting three of the most popular styles that have not only graced the catwalks this season, but which you can now also find our Victoria cheong shops or our online shop.

Realistic Floral Patterns.
We love prints when you can clearly see the type of flower is depicted on a certain piece of an outfit. That is what makes many of our new Spring designs so on-trend.  We have a range of tops, tunics and dresses, featuring pretty and feminine floral print patterns, giving a whole new meaning to flower power.  Swap flowers for hearts or other romantic prints for an equally attractive, flattering look.

Blue flower print top        Fuschia Flower Linen Tunic                    White Heart Print Top

  €24.99                                           €39.99                                                   €24.99


Spring 2017 - print tops












Tie It and Dye It

Possibly one of our very favourite Spring 2017 print trends is the classic tie-dye pattern with the modern twist. We’re not talking about the hippie coloured t-shirts which were so popular in the 70’s, but very much more on the chic side, with the styles making it even more attractive for our customers. 

Add a tie-dye pattern to a silk fabric and you will achieve the height of sophistication for any occasion.

Soft, round necklines and batwing sleeves creates a very modern feel whilst maintaining a floaty, feminine feel for daytime or evening wear.

  Sequin Neck Tie Dye Top                                                 Silk Tie Dye Batwing Top

          €49.99                                                                                     €49.99

Spring 2017 tie dye tops

Tantalising Tunic Tops

As we move into Spring, it’s fun to transition to floatier and loose-fitting clothes after months of covering up in heavy fabrics from head to toe.

Tunics are a great style staple for women of any shape or size, and they’re the perfect clothing item for embracing spring. Tunic tops are often comfortable, flattering and appropriate for various settings, such as wearing to the office, looking casual chic on weekends or staying comfortable on a long journey. 

Tunics will cover your curves and with the right cut can be very flattering, no matter your body shape.

Tunic with Brooch                                   Batwing Tunic Dress                     Frill Neck Tunic

      €29.99                                                        €34.99                                        €54.99

Spring 2017 tunic tops

Look out for more new styles coming soon for Spring 2017 to the Victoria cheong fashion collection.

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