What to Wear On Christmas Day? Women's Fashion Ideas & Tips for Christmas Day.

From opening the present to stuffing the turkey; from pre-dinner drinks to a brisk walk in the country, it’s always a challenge wondering what to wear on the most festive day of the year.

These days, it’s perfectly acceptable to stay in your PJ’s or Onesie whilst the family gathers around the tree with bubbles, bagels, smoked salmon and cream cheese for the present opening fest.

If you’re in charge of the cooking, you may wish to change out of your nightwear into something casual but cooler as the kitchen temperatures soar along with the basting of the turkey. Try one of our jumper shirt combinations which not only look great over jeans or smart trousers, but you can lose a layer down to a cool cotton shirt whilst cooking and then slip the jumper back on for pre-dinner drinks.


If it’s a fine day you might venture out of the house for a Christmas walk or a visit to your local church. It’s a rare occasion in the UK if we have snow during the festive season, so you probably don’t need to be wrapped up in loads of layers. In fact, you can simply slip a cosy poncho or wrap; alternatively, if you are wearing long sleeves, a faux fur gilet or waistcoat is ideal, which adds an instant touch of glam!


Most of us are looking for stylish comfort rather than glamourous bling when it comes to our Christmas Day outfit. Most of the day’s activities revolve around food and drink so it’s best to avoid tight fitting, snug clothes.

And if you come in ravenous from your pre-dinner walk, you probably won’t have much time to change, and not much point either as you are about to sit down to eat a huge feast.

Stretchy jeans or leggings are your best friend at Christmas dinner, and can easily be dressed up with a smart cashmere or jersey top, with either long or short sleeves depending on how raucous it gets around the dinner table; or even a loose fitting lacy tunic to keep you cool and fresh.


All of these recommendations will see you through to the evening, when you may have more friends and family visiting for an energetic game of charades; Even if you’re popping down the pub for a last social drink or lounging on the sofa with a box of Christmas chocolates in reach, you will feel cool and comfortable in your daytime outfit.

What’s more, you will also look great in the family photos which will probably be posted straight onto Facebook before you even have time to say ‘Merry Christmas’.

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