What to Wear this Autumn

Planning your Autumn wardrobe can be tricky.   Over recent years, in the UK we have enjoyed a late Indian Summer which means though daytime temperatures are warm, the evenings can quickly become very chilly.

The team at Victoria cheong has come up with a brand new Autumn 2016 range that will easily transition your wardrobe effortlessly from Summer to Autumn by pairing warmer daytime staples with autumn basics.

The colder temperatures that start to infiltrate the autumn months provide an opportunity to wear a variety of clothes that you may not mix and match at any other time of the year. A key concept of autumn fashion is layering, and for tops, cashmere or silk are excellent choices as they breathe better than other fabrics.


Latest Autumn Fashion Trends


This silk batwing top for example can look really elegant for a special occasion with trousers and heels, or can create a more casual feel if worn with leggings and boots. Easy to wear, the fabric flows beneath your thighs to elongate your body and the fitted sleeves hide those dreaded bingo wings.

Alternatively, a pastel or light coloured cashmere cardigan will not make you feel beautiful due to the softness of the fabric, but can be worn over a lightweight summer top without looking too chunky. This cashmere cardigan will also look great over a camisole paired with a summery flowered skirt.

Virtually any style of cashmere top would be a perfect addition to your Autumn wardrobe. For example this tie back cashmere top, which is available in a range of colours, boasts three quarter sleeves and a low back line which are ideal during a Indian Summer; it can even be worn off the shoulder to showcase the last few glimpses of your summer tan!


Autumn Dress Designs

Dresses are also a practical option when it comes to planning your Autumn wardrobe. Most dresses can be complemented with a cardigan or jacket and can be worn with flats, heels or even boots as the season progresses.


The layers in the beautiful plum layered dress, which comes with a matching scarf, will ensure you are warm enough on crisper cold days but yet creates a light, feminine look, ideal for parties or other more formal occasions.

Alternatively, denim is always a great choice for any season as it goes with everything and is always easy and comfortable to wear. With this in mind, this season we have introduced a number of short sleeved denim dresses which can be worn with summer sandals or winter boots, and you can easily add an extra layer for the chilly evenings.


Autumn Colour Trends

The most popular autumn colours for the coming season include "earthy hues" like grey, chocolate or rust and "jewel tones" like plum and dark blue. Pastels also remain a popular choice in the autumn, mainly due to the transition between seasons and the fact that pastels can usually be worn to complement most darker, autumn shades.


This rust coloured pocket short sleeved dress can be worn on its own or over light leggings or opaque tights; just add a complementary scarf and a light cashmere cardigan, you instantly transform a simple, elegant dress into a stunning autumn outfit.

This quirky faux fur waistcoat is ideal to pop over our popular pale grey cashmere ribbed top to create layers that can be added or removed according to the temperature and the occasion.


For more ideas on stunning Autumn fashions, visit the new Autumn Collection range on the Victoria cheong website.

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