Why Ladies Love Silk

There’s something very special about silk; it’s the feel of the fabric, the vibrancy of the colour and the way the fabric sits beautifully on the skin.

What’s more, silk lights up your complexion, whether it’s a subtle scarf or sleek blouse peeking out from under your jacket, silk makes you stand out. And for ladies of a certain age, silk clothing is a flattering, occasional luxury that’s worth the extra money. Why do we say that?

Firstly, provided the silk fabric isn’t too shiny nor too matte, a silk blouse in either a pale or vibrant colour will reflect light up to your face, giving you a healthy glow.  As your skin ages, an attractive, light-reflecting fabric will make your skin look good with less makeup.  And as many of us over 40’s are aware, wearing a lot of makeup can make you look a lot older as the foundation settles into your wrinkles.

Ladies silk topsEven more importantly, silk hangs well on the body as silk tops and dresses generally have a good drape. Just look at this grey silk top from the Victoria cheong’s new Spring range, you can see the weight and drape of the fabric fall elegantly off our model’s body.

As with many fabrics, the weight of the material and the length of the strands can change the way the silk looks… but you’ll know if a silk garment is right for you as soon as you put it on.

Silk tops for ladiesAs silk takes dye really well, the colours of silk designs just seem brighter, richer, fuller, and more beautiful than colours of many other fabrics. Just hold a silk scarf up to your face. Voilà. You’ll see what we mean. Silk is also perfect for a tie dye and we have a range of styles like this silk batwing top which are new in this season.

ladies love silk topsSilk is also a brilliant fabric for all climates.  Due to its absorbency, silk is comfortable to wear in warm weather and its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather. Because of this property, ladies experiencing hot flashes are advised to wear silk clothes like this attractive mocha silk top, silk pyjamas and to sleep in silk sheets.

The general perception is that silk clothing tends to be more expensive but we believe it’s worth the extra cost, particularly if you are looking for styles to enhance your body shape, improve your complexion and keep you cool and relaxed too.

You may be tempted to go for a less expensive fabric like polyester or rayon, but just think on: when you are buying something beautiful, would you ever say an item of clothing has the feel of polyester! That's why women love silk clothing. It's definitely the gold standard.

Victoria cheong has a fantastic range of new silk tops ideal for the spring or summer seasons, available in the New In section of our website.

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