Why Linen Clothes are perfect for summer


The long-awaited summer season is almost here. As much as we care about the latest fashion trends, colours and shapes, we must not forget the importance of comfort, quality, and health. So, what should be your fabric of choice for the summer season? Linen, of course! Now, let’s find out some of the key advantages of wearing linen clothes.

citrus linen top with sequins and citrus linen trousers


By choosing a linen outfit you will never have to worry about feeling too hot or too cold. In addition to that, those who wear linen clothes sweat 1,5 times less than those who choose clothes made from basic cotton, and twice less than those who dress in viscose.  So think about linen tops teamed with a matching pair of linen trousers to keep you nice and cool this summer.

aqua blue linen tunic top with a sequin motif


The anti-allergic property of linen fabrics is very important as the clothes we wear are in direct contact with our skin. Clothing made from linen is completely safe to be worn by those, who have extremely dry skin, are prone to various allergies or have eczema and choosing something like this lovely linen dress will be ideal.

coral linen dress with a floral print


Linen is a hard wearing fabric, known for its tensile strength, which is twice higher than cotton. Therefore, linen clothes can be washed (at the recommended temperature, of course) as often as needed. Good news: washing linen only makes it softer and more pleasant to the touch.

lime floral print linen dress

Adding some linen clothes to your wardrobe is truly the best way to prepare for the summer season. Doesn’t matter what it means to you: asphalt-melting heat of a busy city, holiday by the breezy seaside, or long and warm evening in the terrace with your friends. Choose your favourite piece of linen apparel, whether it's a linen dress worn with a linen jacket, linen top layered over linen trousers or a lovely linen tunic - just  put on a stylish scarf, grab a roomy linen bag and you’ll be ready to greet the summer season properly. Because linen clothes are always comfortable and fashionable!


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