Why One Size Clothing is so Popular

Ladies, don’t let a number dictate your style!

The stigma of wearing women’s one size clothes is that people associate that combination of words with “frumpy” and “matronly.” But this is not true. It’s up to you set your own style and a number shouldn’t dictate what you wear.

If you have a curvy body, one size fashions are ideal. Retailers like Victoria cheong choose their designs to accommodate customers of all shapes and sizes, understanding that a pear shaped, shorter lady will look just as good in any of their Made in France styles as a tall, slim woman.

Generally, one size clothing (sometimes referred to a free size) will allow more room for shapely curves without having to pay extra for a plus size. This means you don’t have to get bogged down by labels or numbers, in order to look your best.

Shopping On Line

Free-size clothing is also a huge advantage when making online purchases, particularly if you are buying from a company whose sizing you are unfamiliar with. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of having to return the item due to incorrect sizing.

Victoria cheong has introduced a flattering range of one-size dresses this autumn which come in a variety of seasonal colours and styles.


Clothes as Gifts

If you've considered a clothing purchase as a gift, you know there is often a dilemma when it comes to sizing. You may not know the recipient’s exact size, which can make it difficult to purchase the correct one.

In these circumstances, a one-size-fits-all top can make a great option. Ponchos, gilets and waistcoats are versatile clothing choices and, since the sizing will be a mid-size that fits most women, you can be relatively sure that they will fit.

We have a number of new free-size additions to our current range of waistcoats in both cashmere and fun faux fur including:


Does One Size Really Fit all?

Most tops with one-size-fits-all sizing would be more accurately termed one-size-fits-most. While it may vary from company to company, this type of garment will fit women falling in average women's sizes of small, medium, and large, or sizes 10 through to 16. Women who are very petite and usually need to wear extra small or petite sizing may feel drowned in a one-size top; women with fuller figures may find that the single sizing is too snug for their comfort.

For casual tops in particular, sizing does not have to be exact. Victoria cheong has a reputation among its customers for its versatile range of free-size tops for both formal and informal occasions.


Victoria cheong One-Size Ranges

But don’t let these facts deter you; in general, unless your size is really extreme, you can look as good in a one-size top as you can in a fitted or sized one.

Our Victoria cheong one-size-fit-all ladies' tops come in a variety of styles and fabrics for every season. Click here to see our full autumn range.

Fashion and style is all your own. You don’t have to follow any rules because there are always exceptions. If you find that a one size top or jacket does the trick in terms of fit and style, then go for it.


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