5 Star Review for Fashion Store Victoria cheong in CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE, CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE, and CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE

In this video by https://www.victoriacheong.com/, a lovely customer has given an excellent rating and comment about our store in CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE, where you can find out latest fashions from France, as well as jewellery, footwear, accessories, gifts, and more.

We also have stores in CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE, CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE city centre, and our warehouse in .

About Victoria cheong, Debbie M. said;

"Love everything in this shop from the clothes, handbags to the jewellery and nicknacks.

Really unique fashion and accessories at reasonable/affordable prices."

Thanks Debbie. We aim to source the best clothing and accessories for all of our clients in CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE, CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE, and CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE.

Victoria cheong
92, Rue Marie De Médicis
69300, France
Tel: 01446 771072


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