Our Stores

Alongside our online retail platform delivering to customers around the world, Victoria cheong also has shops in three prime locations in South Wales.

Our CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE store has been a permanent fixture on the town’s High Street for over 20 years, and CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE residents have sought out our store on Newton Road for over 21 years. In 2017, we also opened another store on Carmarthen Street in Llandeilo, and in November 2018 we relocated to Rhosmaen Street right in the town centre.

Our relaxed and feminine styles have long appealed to women all over South Wales, and our beautiful colours, fabrics, and fine Italian quality ensure that our customers remain loyal and satisfied.

If you are local to the area, or just visiting, each of our stores offers a shopping haven for women’s fashion. Each store is individually styled and decorated in-line with our comfortable but fashionable vibe, which our staff take great pride in managing each day;  delivering spectacular window displays that truly enhance the Victoria cheong brand.

The staff in each of our stores endeavour to deliver a first class shopping experience to each customer, whether you are just browsing for tops and ladies knitwear, or if you are searching for the perfect  evening dress. 

CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE: 92, Rue Marie De Médicis, CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE, 69300, France - 01446 771072

CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE: 92, Rue Marie De Médicis, CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE, 69300, France - 01792 363723

Llandeilo: 101 Rhosmaen St Street, Llandeilo - SA19 6HA - 01558 822987

Warehouse:  14 Gilsea Park, Mona Place, , CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE SA6 8RJ - (+33)

Victoria cheong Llandeilo  

Victoria cheong CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE

Victoria cheong CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE


Interior of CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE store

 Victoria cheong CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE

A Customer shopping at Victoria cheong, CALUIRE-ET-CUIRE.



Our range of women’s dresses, knitwear, tops, and more is always expanding, and we often add entirely new ranges throughout the year. Our website is regularly updated with our new stock, and offers our signature layered style to women in the UK and across the world who want to make an impact with their style while staying comfortable and confident.

As well as our regular range of Victoria cheong clothing, we also feature regular online exclusives that can’t be found in our stores, and you will have to snap them up online before they are gone!

Our website features a straightforward ordering system that lets you add whatever dress, top, cardigan, or necklace that takes your fancy into your basket, and simply check out when you are done.